Painting with diamonds is similar to putting together a puzzle, only better.

diamondpainting puzzle

Painting with diamonds is similar to putting together a puzzle, only better.

Diamond painting has several advantages, much like puzzles, and can be like a little “brain jogging,” for instance, by fostering attention, activating both sides of the brain, and assisting with short-term memory training.

Also, handling the tiny diamond stones enhances eye-hand coordination and fine motor abilities.

You may learn about the advantages of diamond painting as a hobby and how making a puzzle and a diamond image both have their advantages in this blog post.



1. Short-term memory and concentration

Our brain functions similarly to a muscle. It gets even more potent when used frequently and heavily. So, by engaging in activities like diamond drawing, puzzles, or riddles, we may simply keep our brains active. Diamond painting, for instance, develops short-term memory by requiring constant color matching, symbol recognition, and symbol assignment.. While working more intently with the diamond stones, we can also sharpen our focus.


2. Resilience without giving up Today, many people struggle with issues related to tolerance and endurance. Activities like puzzles or diamond drawing are particularly ideal for training these two abilities in a fun way.

Both puzzles and painting with diamonds help you develop more patience, tolerance for frustration, and persistence because each partial accomplishment, like finishing a sector, gives you a little extra desire to keep going. As a reward, the stunningly glittering outcome in Diamond Painting is waiting for you.


3. Brain activity in both hemispheres

Each of the two parts that make up our brain is given a different set of responsibilities. The right brain hemisphere excels in emotional thinking, shape and color recognition, intuition, and creativity, whereas the left brain hemisphere is in charge of analytical and rational reasoning. As a result, whereas the right hemisphere thinks creatively, emotionally, and visually, the left hemisphere thinks more logically, abstractly, and analytically.

Regrettably, most individuals have lost the ability to simultaneously use both sides of their brain. It may lead to back pain, weariness, or stress. We recover our balance through activities that engage both hemispheres of the brain. By sorting the tiny stones, allocating the symbols and numbers, picking up the tiny stones, and setting them in the proper locations, one works logically and analytically. On the other hand, the right hemisphere of the brain is also involved in the colors, the visual motif, and the creative process, ensuring effective involvement of both hemispheres while creating a diamond picture.


4. Coordination abilities

Diamond Painting, by picking up and precisely putting the tiny diamond stones, it teaches fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These two abilities are crucial not only for kids, but also for adults and, in particular, seniors who want to preserve and train their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Hence, an activity like diamond painting, where exact handwork is practiced and thereby learned, benefits all age groups.


5. Calm is the key to strength.

We enter a creative and contemplative mindset while working on a diamond puzzle. Due to our busy schedules in today’s fast-paced society, we frequently become stressed out. One enjoyable alteration that doesn’t require any pressure or coercion and reduces stress is diamond painting. Even just observing the motif has a calming impact, especially if it appeals to us specifically. Many people’s respiration rate, blood pressure, and pulse might all drop while they’re painting with the diamonds. The focus on the present moment and the repeated, peaceful activity of picking up and setting down the stones also make it possible to filter out distracting inputs, which heightens the relaxation effect.


6. Dopamine, the joy hormone

Our brain releases the neurotransmitter dopamine when we engage in enjoyable and meaningful activities like solving puzzles or painting diamonds. We gain a variety of advantages from this substance’s release, including improved mood and improved focus. Dopamine works as a reward mechanism. As we engage in satisfying activities, the body responds by releasing this hormone. Due to this, finishing a diamond painting not only makes us happy but also motivates us to begin another one, which will also cause a surge in happy hormones.


7. You feel content when you paint diamonds.

A diamond painting is made up of numerous smaller sub-objectives. In theory, each stone set is a small victory, each completed part is motivational, and holding the whole diamond artwork in one’s hands at the end is an emotion that is difficult to describe. The self-made diamond painting is a representation of one’s own skill, dexterity, and perseverance. It fills you with pride and justly brings you acclaim and respect.



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